Tematic Actions

When social organizations are equipped with better tools and capacities to develop our aims, our results are also better and more effective. That is the reason why we seek to enhance and strengthen other organizations in Argentina and Latin America with a focus on developing rights, in order to help them repurpose their task and redefine strategies leading to change.

We develop different approaches in order to improve structures, operations, communications, networks, partnerships and institutional sustainability.

  • Over 300 organizations involved in Fundación SES’ networks and programs have had their institutional capacity and/or youth programs strengthened.
  • The organizations involved in our programs have improved their institutional capacity and their influence on the relevant contexts by 80%.
  • 68% of the resources managed by Fundación SES have been transferred directly to social organizations in the provinces as a means of supporting their programs and projects.

All of Fundación SES’s programs include organizational or project strengthening as a must. But in some programs this is so relevant that it becomes an end in itself.



The Rumbo Joven project is an initiative implemented by organizations in Cali, Colombia, together with Fundación SES in order to provide career advice, training and job opportunities for 150 at-risk youngsters. The Rumbo Joven intervention strategy is based on the method developed by Fundación SES’s Proyecto Formativo Ocupacional adapted to the local social and cultural context, and the institutional framework.


 #Potencia tu club

This is a program for local leaders from different neighborhoods in the City of Buenos Aires, which seeks to strengthen the institutions they run.

The program has been specifically designed to strengthen local clubs, by focusing on increasing and enhancing institutional capacities and services to more effectively meet the community’s demands and needs. The project includes different training and support initiatives, and it is aimed at leaders who are members of or have been appointed by the clubs’ board of directors.

This initiative has been proposed by the Sports Department of the City of Buenos Aires and sponsored by Fundación SES.



The Fortalezas Project is an initiative undertaken by Argentina’s Fundación SES and Switzerland’s Jacobs Foundation, as a joint effort to help strengthen organizations that are part of the civil society and that promote training projects and employment opportunities for the young.