We develop and support initiatives to train youth to participate in and organize social and political groups.

We believe in establishing social groups as a means of community and citizen development. From this perspective, we address the main issues in our agenda, together with youth groups in Argentina, Latin America and Europe. 

  • 100,000 teenagers and youngsters have taken part in activities and projects promoted by Fundación SES to increase their knowledge of rights. Also, 200 youth groups and social organizations have replicated their experiences in their communities, thus encouraging youth involvement in promoting their rights.
  • Several methodological tools have been developed to bring youngsters together in order to encourage their participation and strengthen their position regarding their collective needs.

Subir al Sur

Subir al Sur is an initiative that encourages intercultural volunteering in Argentina and around the world as a tool for personal and collective transformation. It promotes the participation of youngsters as active citizens through voluntary and solidarity-based actions. This is achieved thanks to the collaboration of Fundación SES’s international partners and our network of local organizations in Argentina.

Youth Rights Week 

Youth Rights Week is an initiative that we began to develop in 2007 together with the “Week Network” (a group 80 social organizations in the country) and which is sponsored by companies and over 20 government agencies at the national, provincial and municipal levels. It encourages youth to participate in and organize social and political groups aimed at addressing their collective priorities.

Youth Rights Week is a 4-day national convention comprising a set of activities, meetings and festivals. Activities include workshops about rights where popular education methods and dynamics are implemented through art and communication projects.