Tematic Actions
Labor Inclusion

We consider employment is a fundamental human right. Our methods combine technical and social professional development, as well as personalized support to help youngsters and their communities achieve employability. We seek to develop job experiences by bringing together different players (the State, the civil society, companies, unions, universities, etc.).

  • 24,300 youngsters participate in training and employment mediation programs aimed at finding a job. 50% of these youth have secured employment.
  • We bring together the State, the civil society, companies, unions and educational institutions so that our programs will be more influential and have a greater impact.   
  • Programs in which companies participate in the employment mediation process as a way of reducing recruitment costs.
  • Over 400 women have received training in labor inclusion and gender issues in Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Windows of Opportunities for the Young

Ventanas is an initiative undertaken by Fundación SES and sponsored by the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and the Walmart Foundation. This initiative builds on the original “Escuela Social de Ventas”, a project developed by the Walmart Institute and Brazil’s Instituto Aliança.

The project is aimed at 6,000 youngsters currently looking for a job. Its main strategy is to provide tutoring and to develop a “social and professional network” in order to directly connect applicants with local job offers.

This initiative has been implemented in the provinces of Chubut, Tucumán, Corrientes, Santa Fe, and both the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires.

Generaciones Project

This project develops a training and labor inclusion model for youngsters from small coffee-growing families based in Trifinio, a small area located on the border between Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, where communities live in poverty and where youth migration and the lack of formal education and employment or self-employment opportunities are commonplace.

Through SES’s training and labor inclusion method, as well as our technical support, 3,000 youngsters have enrolled in 20 Comprehensive Training Educational Centers. In these Centers, they develop professional competencies, acquire skills that will prove useful in life and receive mentorship so that they can become part of the coffee-growing value chain and join coffee-growers cooperatives.

As for the creation of employment opportunities, this project provides training in small startups related to sustainable agriculture and climate change, promotes support networks for local youth and encourages youth involvement in local communities.

The project is the result of a strategic alliance between Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS), Fundación SES and FOMIN.

“Lessons Learned on Employment Mediation”. A study of the results and costs associated with the Fondo de Tecnología para la Inserción Laboral Juvenil program

This study was conducted in 2015 in order to assess the economic results and costs youth labor inclusion projects in Latin America when these are run by social organizations.

Its starting point was the Technology Fund for the Youth Labor Inclusion Program, implemented by Fundación SES and financed by FOMIN and Microsoft. The analysis focused on strengthening the interaction between the State, companies and organizations. Significant findings include the following: program costs are subsidized and can be partly recovered within 5 to 8 months; employment mediation reduces companies’ recruitment costs; and the process of strengthening and developing organizations reduces program costs. Another conclusion was that social organizations invest more in employment mediation processes than the public and private sectors, even surpassing international investment.

Partnerships and Solidarity-Based Economy

Fundación SES strives to promote youth labor inclusion, knowing full well that traditional employment is not the only alternative. On the contrary, there are multiple ways to achieve this goal, such as community-based groups, collective work, entrepreneurship and networking.

Therefore, we encourage and support youth-driven startups that promote inclusion through employment.

Fundación SES’s guiding belief is that it is possible to pave the road towards a more equitable economic, social and cultural structure that ultimately results in fair distribution of wealth.


Fundación SES Incubator

We have been certified by the Production Ministry as a startup incubator. As such, we promote the following action points:

  • Education: Training in solidarity-based economy principles, political relevance and startup management tools (individual or collective startups, cooperatives).
  • Strengthening: Developing strategies for institutional strengthening of solidarity-based economy production units.
  • Interaction: Promoting and setting up networks of youth-driven solidarity-based economy startups, and encouraging their interaction with government agencies, unions, companies, etc.
  • Promotion: Communicating the principles and values of solidarity-based economy.
  • Research: Building knowledge.