Líneas de Acción

We are part of a network comprised of companies and government agencies in Argentina, Latin America, the United States and Europe. Fundación SES’ political and social influence rests largely on the development of networks and partnerships.

  • We are part of more than 10 regional, national and international networks that allow us to increase, multiply and share our practices and expertise, as well as strengthen our actions and social influence.
  • All of our actions are implemented within networks whose main partners are different social organizations.

Networks for Regional Integration and Financing for Development

We believe in the need to build a new financial regional architecture, with new private equity investment rules and a system of “fiscal justice” based on policies that impose taxes on the rich and give to the poor. This need arises from the role that private financing plays in education, health, employment and other inalienable rights. For this reason, we have developed an initiative called “Regional Integration and Financing for Development”, which addresses issues of international cooperation, fiscal justice, the new regional and global architecture, regional integration (CELAC, UNASUR, MERCOSUR, ALBA), regional infrastructure, the G20 and financing for development.

Regional Integration and Financing for Development: http://www.sesamericalatina.com/

We are also part of the following:

Network for Fiscal Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean http://www.justiciafiscal.org/

Latinidadd Network http://www.latindadd.org/

Fiscal Transparency Coalition: www.financialtransparency.org

Partnership of Civil Society Organizations for Effective Development of Latin America and the Caribbean (AOED-ALC): www.facebook.com/AOED.ALC

CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE): http://csopartnership.org/

 Networks for Human and Social Development

We interact with different key players of the civil society to develop a social agenda on people's rights which are often violated, mainly in Argentina and Latin America, and to share experiences, practices and knowledge.


La Liga: http://www.ligaiberoamericana.org/

Red Encuentro: http://encuentrodeongs.blogspot.com.ar/

Forum tres: http://www.forumtrees.org/

IYF: http://www.iyfnet.org/

Networks for the Right to Inclusive Education

Fundación SES has extensive experience in participating in and leading initiatives that seek to ensure and promote compliance with the right to education. We are part of different groups whose aim is to ensure that the State guarantees public, free and quality education for everyone.

CADE http://derechoseducacion.org.ar/

CLADE http://www.campanaderechoeducacion.org/v2/

Campaña Mundial por la Educación http://www.campaignforeducation.org/

World Campaign for Education http://www.campaignforeducation.org/

 Networks for Youth Volunteering

Volunteering has become paramount for social organizations, both in the private and the public sectors, as it taps into people’s vocation, concerns or willingness to learn to meet the needs of different institutions. Fundación SES is part of important global youth volunteering networks whose sole aim is to bring together these needs and interests.

Alliance http://www.alliance-network.eu/

CCIVS http://www.ccivs.org/

ICYE http://www.icye.org/



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